Are you struggling with symptoms of trauma, depression or anxiety?

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You probably know that every one of us has experienced some sort of traumatic event. But, did you know that if you don’t discharge the energy of trauma, it becomes frozen in the brain and nervous system causing a variety of problems?

If you have experienced anxiety attacks, sleeplessness, addictions, loneliness, body tension, depression or other painful symptoms; chances are you are struggling with trauma energy that has become stuck.

You often cannot move forward until the trauma is released.

Frozen trauma symptoms can be transformed. Healing is Possible!

The good news is you can restore your physical, emotional and spiritual health!

I am of First Nations descent and have been struggling with achieving emotional competency for a long time. My childhood was sometimes filled with events of terror and trauma. I was subjected to sexual, emotional and physical abuse. I had struggled with depression, alcohol abuse, and in relationships for many years. I have been to many counsellors, an Inner Child Workshop, Healing and Wellness Conferences, Traditional Healing Ceremonies and Talking Circles. All of these experiences were beneficial but I would always find myself back where I started – emotionally undone and then hating myself for being there. I began counselling and EMDR with Michele. I now notice my newly established calm that speaks as loud as thunder when I am confronted with stressful situations and I no longer fall back into old patterns. I really notice that my reactions to things are so much gentler. My life has improved significantly as I break down barriers of fear. I highly recommend EMDR for getting past childhood trauma and I highly recommend Michele as the counsellor that will see you through to success in your search for spiritual freedom. My prayers are with your journey, hiy, hiy! Anna K.

Most talk therapy approaches, used in isolation, cannot address the physical, emotional and intellectual components that are necessary to successfully release trauma symptoms. They can actually exacerbate your symptoms and interfere with your innate ability to heal.

Research proves you are much more likely to heal from the effects of trauma when utilizing both neurological (energy) healing and a specific kind of talk psychotherapy known as cognitive behavioural therapy.

I can help you get over trauma, depression and anxiety…

Using my 2-step formula, I first utilize special techniques that allow trapped energy caused by trauma to be released from both your brain and nervous system, restoring internal strength and calmness.

I then employ a model of cognitive behavioral talk therapy which can change your negative thought patterns associated with unresolved trauma. The effectiveness of this approach is well-documented.

I was immensely grief stricken from the sudden death of a boyfriend when I met Michele for therapy. I cried always and just couldn’t stop thinking of him. His death affected my sleep, appetite, concentration, focus and I drifted into deep depression and isolation. I had no spark for life. Thanks to Michele, I have found myself again and I am now much happier. Although I’ll never forget him, Michele helped me to let go of the emotions attached to his loss. She has helped me with many other traumas in my life. I trust in Michele’s abilities. Denise M.

Benefits of Counselling with Me:

For more than twenty years, I have seen over 10,000 clients who were struggling with anxiety, depression and trauma. And yes! most of them rediscovered their health and happiness through my 2-step formula.

For 25 years, I suffered the ill effects of trauma caused by the brutal death of my mother. I was unable to deal with the tragedy, which resulted in Fibromyalgia Syndrome (chronic pain and fatigue). Then I started working with Michele and I have been experiencing significant changes in my emotional and physical well-being ever since. It seems to be easy to eat properly, to nourish my body, to exercise, and to get rest and relaxation. I have lost weight without any effort or discomfort. I now think success instead of failure. Linda S.

In fact, I have been known as the “Counsellor of Choice” for problems related to trauma because of my strong track record in helping people resolve trauma symptoms, including depression and anxiety.

Your Healing Instinct

The foundation of my counselling approach is to tap into your innately powerful healing energy no matter how wounded you may feel. Following a specific procedure, I provide you with support, guidance and methods that help you heal from trauma, depression and anxiety on both a physical and emotional level.

Events of my past seemed to have haunted me and played havoc in my life’s journey. It was to the point that I couldn’t remember what it was to feel good and more importantly, to like myself. It grew to taking anti-depressants, feeling worthless, not sleeping, feeling guilty, and believing I was a failure. After counselling with Michele my life has changed. I feel it has begun again. I feel so uplifted, like I’ve finally made it to the top of the mountain. I am confident and full of self-worth. My mood is elevated; my sleep and appetite are up as well as my energy. Jessica P.

Your first step is to acknowledge your need to heal from trauma, depression and anxiety.

Society’s prevailing attitude is that it is heroic for us to “carry on” as if nothing has happened, regardless of the severity of our symptoms. Meanwhile, the trauma response, now frozen in our nervous system, generates ever-worsening physical, emotional and behavioural consequences.

Studies indicate that even people with severe trauma symptoms, such as nightmares, flashbacks, sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue, irritability, back and head pain, nervousness and more, do not seek counselling until their life becomes unmanageable. Wouldn’t it be better to get help now, rather than allowing your problems to get even worse?

Michele has been my angel on earth. She has given me my spirit back that my way of life had slowly taken away. I struggled with perfectionalism and being overly responsible for everyone and everything in my life, until I was so stressed out I felt it all was spinning out of control. Not only am I a calmer, strong confident woman again, but without doubt, Michele saved my marriage. Noreen C.

Are you prepared to live with more happiness, optimism, confidence, self-worth and hope?

If your answer is “yes,” then your next step is to contact me.

We can then discuss how I might best help you resolve your problems of Trauma, Depression and Anxiety.

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